Sunday, January 27, 2013

The last two weeks.....

So these are totally out of order, but I don't feel like fixing them, ha. But here is what has been going on in the last couple of weeks. I having been using pretty much only my phone bc Cohen has been sick and has not let me put him down for more than a few mins at a time.

helping with laundry, playing the IPAD in the ER, brother time, adorable new outfit!!
sleeping cohen. I HATE waking him up to pick up Carter from school., new TV, someone has learned to take his pants off at nap, lol Cohen starting to get get sick.
Carter spiked a fever yesterday while I was at work. As soon as I go home it has spiked to 101.5. With being less than a month from our last shunt revision it meant we would be heading straight to the ER to check for a shunt infection. After Flu swab, CBC, CMP, CRP, urinalysis, urine cultures and a shunt tap they let us come home to wait out the culture results(only after I completely begged and used the I am a peds-onc nurse)- I knew it would come in to use sometime. SOOOO happy they let us come home. Today he was acting much better and fever free. We should have the results back in a day or so(PRAYING for negative cultures!!)
 Carter being silly, Dr. Boop post op check up(hide & seek in the waiting room), freezing rain
Cohen now more sick. Not sleeping much, very fussy and clingy(poor baby), first big boo boo. He pulled up on the highchair and slipped and hit his face. He is a wild man and I am sure there will be so many of these in his future. new desk for Webb's office that he made from our left over counter tops, and carter started full day school which means he is exhausted in the evenings!!
 Pizza picnic in the living room, Cohen and mom antique shopping.
muffins with mom, Cohen on our weekly grocery trip, Carter being funny, First full day report. He has slept every day so far. WOOP WOOP
 #handyhubby, baths with our bestie Lou and perfect family nights with the treadwells, clean car, outside family fun in the beautiful weather.
dinner with friends, cohen LOVES swinging and Carter LOVES pushing, fighting over trains, and playing in the cabinets. I am in for it with these two ;)
 bath time cutie, webb's final product, our counters are stained!, more bath fun and cookies
Cohen STILL not feeling well. I am not liking this cold weather this year!!, Dr. appt with Dr. Sawyer and great report for Carterman., Dr. office fun
This is a little of what our last two weeks looked like. Hopefully the next two weeks will not be filled with sick babies, ER trips or Dr. visits. Looking forward to chilling out and hanging with my babies!!!

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